Sudoku solving tips for absolute beginners

Sudoku is a simple number placing logical game where you are provided with a partially filled board with digits between 1 to 9. A sudoku puzzle comes into many flavors but most common sudoku puzzle is 9X9 grid type, which you can very often find into your daily newspapers or magazines.

Solving a 9x9 sudoku puzzle is relatively easier but for beginners it can become a daunting task. No's few tips for absolute beginners which can help them to quickly solve sudoku puzzle and have more fun along the way.

Tip 1 : Search for missing digit

Select any empty cell and look out for any missing number between 1 to 9 into it's row and 3x3 square ( the 3x3 square, total 9 in number has 3 rows and 3 columns, which are embedded inside 9x9 board). If thar number already exists in that row and it's 3x3 square then that number cannot be placed into that cell. Similarly, keep looking for the other numbers. If the chances of all number eliminated except the one then this is the number which you are suppose to put inside the cell. Repeat this process of finding the missing number for each cell untill you find all of them.

Tip 2 : No guessing in Sudoku

While solving puzzle don't place any number in the cell unless you are 100 percent sure about that. You can guess that number only when the chances of all other numbers are logically eliminated. For example, a row has numbers - 2,3,5,6,8,7,9..that means number "1" and number "4" are missing. The two empty cells will either have "1" or "4". If one of the empty cell has already "1" appearing inside it's own 3x3 block then logically the chance of "1" appearing in that empty cell is eliminated. Which leaves the number "4" to be the only option to be placed in that cell. So that's why the last and only empty cell in that row will get number "1".

Tip 3 : Do not settle down

You should keep moving from one empty cell to another empty cell and apply logic to each one of then untill you find the answer. Take a cell and if you don't figure out the exact number that will go inside that cell, do not settle down and just keeping looking forward.

Tip 4 : Be patient

For new sudoku player, patience is the key to mastering this puzzle. Do not give up so easily. With findings of each number, you unlock new opportunity to find numbers inside other empty cells. That's way you reach more closer to completely fill all the empty cells inside the sudoku board.