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About 3x3 Sudoku Puzzle

If you're a Sudoku enthusiast, you've likely explored various Sudoku puzzles available. Sudoku comes in different board styles, each with a different number of cells. One particular variant is the 3x3 Sudoku. It's a simple Sudoku puzzle containing 6 cells, comprising 3 cells in rows and 3 cells in columns. The rule of this puzzle is simple: you have to enter numbers between 1 and 3 in a manner that ensures no numbers are repeated within the same row or column. Out of all Sudoku variants, it is considered as the easiest one to solve.

How 3x3 Sudoku Solver works

The 3x3 Sudoku Solver is an online tool designed to solve any 3 by 3 Sudoku puzzle. While solving a 3x3 Sudoku puzzle manually is usually a piece of cake, there are times when you need a quick answer. In such cases, this tool comes in handy. To use this tool, input the known values into the 3x3 Sudoku board. Ensure accuracy by using numbers only between 1 and 3, avoiding repetition within any row or column. Failure to do so may result in an error or no solution found. If you feel anytime time that you have entered the wrong value , you can click on reset button to clear all of the entry and re-try again.