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About 4X4 Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku puzzles come in various formats, one of which is the 4x4 Sudoku board. Anyone who has played regular Sudoku will likely find the 4x4 Sudoku puzzle intriguing. The 4 by 4 Sudoku puzzle is a compact form suited for shorter durations. It comprises 16 cells arranged in 4 rows and 4 columns. This version of Sudoku can seem easier and quicker for new beginners. So how to solve the 4x4 sudoku puzzle ? The main aim is to fill the grid using numbers 1 to 4, making sure not to repeat any number in a row or column. That's it, you get the result.

How 4x4 Sudoku Solver Works

The 4x4 Sudoku solver is an online tool designed to efficiently solve 4 by 4 Sudoku puzzles. Solving such a puzzle by yourself might take some time, but if you're seeking a quick solution, this tool can be quite handy. To use this tool effectively, input the known values into the provided 4x4 Sudoku grid. While filling in the values, ensure adherence to its rules: numbers must range from 1 to 4, avoiding repetition within rows, columns, and subgrids. Not following these rules could lead to an error or an inability to find a solution. If you realize you've entered the wrong value at any point, simply click the reset button to clear your entries and try again.