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About 6X6 Sudoku Solver

Many of us have played regular Sudoku with 9 rows and columns, but not many have tried 6x6 Sudoku. A 6x6 Sudoku puzzle is similar to the classic Sudoku, but with 6 rows, 6 columns, and subgrids of 6 cells. The reduced grid size in 6x6 Sudoku allows for faster solving, making it perfect for those craving a rewarding challenge in less time. This variant retains Sudoku's core while introducing a fresh strategic angle, appealing to newcomers and seasoned fans alike, enriching their puzzle-solving journey.

How 6x6 Sudoku Solver Works

The 6x6 Sudoku Solver is a free online tool that instantly solves 6x6 Sudoku puzzles. To use this tool effectively, you'll need a 6x6 Sudoku puzzle you want to solve. Begin by entering all the known values into the appropriate cells of the grid. Then, click the solve button to obtain the immediate result. In case of accidental entry of the wrong value in any cell, you can simply press the reset button to clear the board and re-enter the values.